Some Ideas For Glass Bottle Decoration

To improve home with family unit things is the magnificent method to spare cash. You can’t state that home decoration is a costly thing. You can make a few decoration extras at home without anyone else’s input. Today you will figure out how to transform a futile glass bottle into magnum opus. We generally toss bear and oil bottles in our dustbin, in the wake of knowing thFis thought you will never toss these jug into refuse.

The things you require are:

• Stylish molded glass bottle for decorations.

• Small size ocean shells

• Water bundles of various shading for decoration

• Glue

• Golden splash paint for decoration

What you need to do is simply perfect the jug with water and dry it with delicate fabric. Take the jug and apply shower paint from best to the neck of the container. Give it a chance to dry. Take water in a bowl and put water balls into the bowl. After 30 minutes, these water move toward becoming swallow and get their last shape. Put these balls into the jug and wind the top of the container tight with the goal that the air can’t go in it. this is a good idea for decoration.

Presently take ocean shells and fix them on the jug with a succession by utilizing paste. You can utilize diverse shade of ocean shells yet I utilized same shading. Presently your designed container is prepared to put anyplace at home. You will see that brilliant balls look delightful in the container emanating distinctive shades. Place this jug on any side table of your room. You can likewise give this adorned jug to your cherished one as a blessing also.

I hope, you have liked these decoration ideas.


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